Norclamp is your collaborator in the development and optimisation of your machined products.

We are a group of companies set up in 1999 in small premises in the town of Lezo.

To begin with, we were devoted to the machining of standardised attachment parts, but we have progressed since then thanks to the demand for quality and service from our clients, as well as the collaboration of suppliers and workers, with the aim of widening our offer regarding machining processes, eventually becoming a reference point in our sector.

We work on this aim on a daily basis, currently with:

3 industrial premises

4.470 square metres

78 workers

+ 50 machines

Norclamp Arretxe

Norclamp Arretxe

The group’s origin. Located in Irún.

Specialising in machining standardised and special keys, as well as all types of prismatic parts (hooks, buffers, calibrators, etc.) by means of conventional machinery. Flat surface grinding.

Short, medium and long runs (from just one to thousands of parts).

  • 750 square metres

  • 25 workers

Norclamp Araso

Norclamp Araso

Workshop located in Irún, devoted to the milling of parts according to drawing in numerical control machining centres.

Repetitive parts specialists. We optimise processes by means of the design of tools and attachment systems, minimising machining times.

Short and mediums runs. We also carry out small assemblies.

  • 1.500 square metres

  • 25 workers

Normeza 3000

Normeza 3000

Located in Zamora (Castile and Leon). We optimise processes, by means of the design of attachment systems which allow us to minimise the aforementioned preparation and changeover times, with the aim of keeping machining costs down as much as possible.

Workshop devoted to the machining of parts according to drawing in numerical control turning centres, half of which have an automatic part loading/unloading system. Repetitive parts specialists.

Short, medium and long runs.

  • 3.000 square metres

  • 30 workers

In addition...

We machine parts in different materials: steel from rim, round bar, plasma, laser and oxy-cutting, etc., and also other materials such as brass, bronze, aluminium, plastics... either supplied by the client or by ourselves.

Our aim is to be more than just machinists. We want to be your advisor and/or collaborator on machining jobs.

We have shared staff devoted to supporting you in your machined part design process, with the aim of advising you on materials, dimensional requirements, shapes, etc., so you can reduce costs through optimisation of the same. We have a wide network of suppliers and sub-contractors of products and services, allowing us to deliver machined parts with all types of operations/treatments/coatings, either on our premises or directly at the client’s facilities, wherever they may be.


We continually work on the improvement of our processes (FMAE, R&R, Cpk, etc.) with the aim of obtaining a reduction in defects, the optimisation of machining costs and maximum satisfaction for our clients.