We cover all machining processes and we have absolutely trustworthy companies collaborating with us to obtain the best results.


Manufacture of keys and attachment parts.

Specialists in the manufacture of short runs of standardised keys (DIN 6885, DIN 6887, etc.) and all types of special keys and machined attachment elements according to the client’s requirements. Any quantity and size.


Machining of prismatic parts.

We have specific machinery to machine this type of parts optimally (saws, conventional milling machines, drills, etc.). These parts, not excessively complex, are used as components in all types of standard and special machines and are manufactured from rims or round bars in different qualities. Any quantity and size.


Machining at CNC milling machine sites.

Machined by means of (horizontal/vertical) CNC milling machines for all types of parts according to the client’s drawings. We are specialised in short and medium runs of repetitive parts.Dimensions of horizontal machining centre up to 800mm x 800mm x 880mm. Dimensions of vertical machining centre up to 1,016mm x 660mm x 635mm. We combine smoothing operations in conventional machinery with finishes in machining centres with the aim of optimising the service given to the client.


Turning of parts according to drawing.

CNC lathe machining (double headstock/motorised tool/ Y axis) of all types of parts according to the client’s drawings. We have a turning centre with automatic loading/unloading, as well as machines with bar feeding.We are specialised in short, medium and long runs of repetitive parts. Turning dimensions up to 432mm x 843mm.


Flat surface grinding.

We carry out flat surface grinding operations as an additional operation in the process of machining parts in other types of machines or as a specific operation on parts supplied by the client. Capacity of up to 1,500mm x 750mm.


Small assemblies.

We carry out small assemblies of machined parts by our group, together with different types of commercially available elements purchased by ourselves or supplied by clients.

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